Pool Services 
At Secure Blue we see pools differently. We're breaking the mold on the typical "hollywood" pool boy and replacing them with efficient, professional pool experts. We also integrate industry leading technology to keep your pool clean and clear even when we're not around.

System Services

If your system isn't running properly call us to schedule a service technician to conduct a site evaluation to identify your system needs. Services include:

  • Sand Change
  • Motor Install
  • Timer Install
  • Pump Install
  • Cartridge Filter System Install
  • Sand Filter and Backwash System Install
  • Solar Cover Install
  • Salt Cell Install
  • Cartridge Filter Replacement

Maintaining your system is an essential component to your pools overall health. In efficient systems can create poor circulation making chemicals less effective. 

Overtime bacteria and debris can build up in your system. Routine cleaning is necessary to prevent future growth and improve your pool's health and longevity. 

  • DE Filter Clean
  • Cartridge Filter Clean
  • Salt Cell Clean
  • Pipe Blow out

**Projects are quoted on a case by case basis**
*Trip charge and removal fees may apply*

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