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Secure Smart Irrigation

Outside of minor repairs Secure Blue exclusively installs our proprietary Secure Smart Irrigation System, an IoT LoRaWAN enabled sensor network, designed to reduce water usage while increasing plant yield. Our DC powered system removes the central controller, operates at extreme long range without the limitations of wifi and for a fraction of the data cost of cellular. Our system also includes greywater and rainwater hookup options.

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Soil Moisture, Temperature
and EC Sensor

Our soil sensor is the first brain of the system, telling it when we need to water. Simply insert the soil probe at the base of the root system for the plants you are monitoring.

8 in 1 Weather Station

Collects air temperature, humidity, wind speed/direction, rainfall, light intensity, UV index, and barometric pressure data providing the system with an active rain delay.

Smart Valve Actuator

Our Smart valve controller is the operations of the system. When the soil sensor shows watering is required the actuator opens the solenoid valve and irrigates the zone.

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Secure Smart Greywater System

Secure Smart Rainwater System

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